Summer School

Summer school on materials for energy storage and conversion is a 3 days training school which precedes the symposium. The school  concentrates on advanced characterization techniques common to all three activity areas, Batteries, Fuel/Electrolytic  Cells and hydrides  as well as overviews on selected topics  .Topics covered in the summer school include;



Material/Electrochemical  Characterization

Y Eren Kalay :In Situ Synchrotron Diffraction and Rietveld Analysis
Meltem Sezen:Focus Ion Beam Techniques in Material Characterization
Alexander Opitz:  Solid State Electrochemistry


M. Kadri Aydınol : Overview: Li-ion batteries -Cathodes  
Mehmet Oğuz Güler :
Overview: Li-ion Batteries: Anodes
Saban Patat: Overview: Na-ion batteries
Rezan Demir-Çakan:  Overview: Li-Sulfur Batteries
Duncan Fagg: Overview: Protonic Fuel Cells
Aligul Buyukaksoy: Overview: IT solid oxide fuel cells
Mustafa Ürgen :Supercapacitors
Onder Metin: Catalysis